Wealth Management

Strategic Wealth Management Advisors was established with one goal in mind – to provide a manager of manager’s approach to its clients – creating best-in-class solutions. Through state of the art performance monitoring, SWMA assures each of its clients the appropriate diversification of asset class and risk exposure, reflective of changes in market conditions and financial goals. Click here to learn more about our service offerings.

Investment Strategy

Our real world tactical strategy is managed toward shorter term trends and economic views. Traditional "allocation" strategies can be detrimental if not positioned correctly.

Our team first considers the primary economic outcome that investors are likely to face, and then identifies appropriate assets that should benefit from each outcome. Next, they equalize the risk associated with each set of assets. Finally, the team makes tactical shifts around the balance core, allowing the portfolio to adapt to the near-term environment.

Our Approach

We analyze a risk balanced approach so each asset class (stocks, bonds, and commodities) represent a specific amount of risk to the portfolio.
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We review the economic variables and the exposure to different asset classes that may provided stability in different phases of the economic cycle such as, Inflationary, noninflationary, and recessionary. This strategic allocation allows the portfolio potential growth and provides downside protection.

Our active positioning allows us to respond differently to inflation and real growth. Our Managers actively determine current positions in an attempt to take advantage of the different market cycles. Click here for client experience.